Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wicked Temptations News Release " Its getting Wilder Gals ! "

G-Strings are the Sexiest Panties, According to Men and Women
2006/12/01 20:12
Press Release from:
Cami Hayes, Wicked Temptations

In a survey of over 3,900 visitors to Wicked Temptations, an online lingerie retailer, nearly a third of men (32%!)voted for g-strings as their favorite women’s panty style. Surprisingly, women agreed: 30% of women chose g-strings over traditional thongs, bikinis/classic panties and boy shorts/tanga shorts. Although researchers expected women to choose more sensible styles and men to prefer the racier g-string or thongs, women’s responses mirrored men’s in every category. Participants were blind to current results and could not vote multiple times. G-strings were the

Classic Bikinis Lost to G-Strings, Thongs, Boy Shorts... And Nothing.
most popular, followed by thongs, preferred by 28% of men and 24% of women. 15% of men and 12% of women enjoy boy shorts or “tanga shorts” (a skimpier version of boy shorts—see for a complete lingerie dictionary) and a shockingly low 7% of men and 9% of women voted for classic bikini-style panties. Granted, this data was collected from visitors to Wicked Temptations, a company catering to connoisseurs of sexy and daring lingerie. However, the numbers are still surprising. It’s assumed that women prefer comfortable underwear and only don sexier styles to please their male partners.

This survey data suggests otherwise. Now more than ever, women are exploring and expressing their sexuality by treating themselves to attractive lingerie. However, the majority of shoppers at Wicked Temptations and other sexy lingerie sites are male. Men purchase lingerie as gifts for wives or girlfriends, and shopping online is a discrete and simple way to give a sexy gift. In the current survey, 2,630 of the participants were male and 1,295 were female.

The survey provided another interesting statistic. Wondering why those percentages didn’t quite add up? 16% of men and 21% of women cast a vote for no panties—that is, “going commando.” So look around: If the real world reflects visitors to Wicked Temptations, 2 out of 5 of the women around you aren’t wearing any panties, one is wearing a g-string, one is rocking a thong, and the last one… well, she’ll have to remain a mystery.

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Though Victoria Secret[ I call Vicky ] is extremely dominate in our cultural and times, there are those who can put up a real challange. Wicked stands by its names sake all the way. More importantly gals, it has attracted males purchasers in the main.
Thus if do not like what he is buying for you then get him trained immediately.
In this you can not be bitchy, but must use your ways and means. Remember gals what " is " the image he is buying first and foremost, and be gentle if you find yourself fustrated with his views. Many males are very ignorant, and its getting worst in the appreciation department too. so if he is buying do not ruin a good thing at the sametime-this is where the wilds comes in. Get it????
None the less. Wicked is for fantasy while Vicky goes for ultimate comfort with a dash seductive.
RK, January 17, 2007


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