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Fight Girl - Calendar to be Release

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From their official press release, FightGirl will be releasing a new 18 Month 2008 - 2009 Calendar including shots of many of the popular female faces in Mixed Martial Arts. The calendar can be preordered for $22.00 USD. The calendar will feature Ms. Tapout Worldwide, Whitney Harchanko, Adree DeSanti, Lisa King, “The Black Widow, among other big names in MMA.

“Official FightGirl, Inc. to Release 18 Month Calendar in Collaboration with Tapout / MMA Worldwide Magazine and featuring Ms. Tapout Worldwide

Mixed martial arts fans finally have something other than the latest match to get excited about. Official FightGirl, Inc. announces today the release of the super hot 18 month FightGirl calendar.
FightGirl clothing is the premier clothing line for mixed martial arts female fans. The line, developed by Kristie Brown, meets the needs of female MMA fans from around the world. Kristie Brown noticed a lack of comfortable, casual, sexy apparel for women at various MMA events. Soon after the realization, FightGirl was born. The FightGirl brand has been seen at such major MMA events as Cage Rage in the UK, Art of War, and IFC Caged Combat to name a few.
“I noticed that every martial arts event I attended women had nothing distinguishable to wear. These events are a lot of fun, and I wanted my line to offer women something to wear that would add to the excitement of the event and to show our support for this great sport. FightGirl was born.” Explains FightGirl CEO Kristie Brown.

FightGirl is set to release an 18 month super sexy calendar in association with TapouT / MMA Worldwide Magazine.

The 18 month FightGirl calendar will feature some of the top models in the business, including Ms. Tapout Worldwide, Whitney Harchanko, as well as Adree DeSanti, and Lisa King, “The Black Widow,” from the Fight Girl Reality Series. Some of the photographers include: Tracy Hicks, Onyx Photography, and Photos by Seven.

The calendar will feature new apparel from the FightGirl clothing line, a staple for models and fight fans around the world.

FightGirl apparel is form fitting, stylish, sexy and comfortable. The line includes scoop and v-neck t-shirts, camisoles, tanks, sweatshirts, and boy shorts in a variety of colors and sizes.
Opportunities exist for promoters to have the FightGirl calendar girls at their next event, and models to take part in the phenomenon as well. ”

The Dutch Entry - Autumn/Winter 2008-2009

PETER STIGTER [ Photo Credits ]
[ Press Release ] January 22nd 2008 the Dutch Fashion Foundation and Mercedes-Benz proudly presented the fourth edition of the exclusive fashion salon ‘Prelude’ with the presentations of the new Autumn/Winter 2008-2009 collections of Sjaak Hullekes, Sebastic, Mada van Gaans, Corné Gabriëls and Conny Groenewegen, hosted under the hospitality of NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam.

Mercedes-Benz supports the Dutch Fashion Foundation in her mission to create awareness and international appreciation for the Dutch fashion industry. With their collaboration the allure, quality and pioneering values of both brands meet. Both are very excited about the Prelude platform and proud of the success it has gained for the participating designers. For emerging talents Sjaak Hullekes and Sebastic it was the first time to show during this fashion platform event. Mada van Gaans presented for the fourth time, Corné Gabriëls for the third time and Conny Groenewegen for the second time after her debut during the last edition of the Prelude salon in July. With the continuation of the Prelude salons Mercedes-Benz supports the Dutch fashion world by accentuating the clear values of avantgarde fashion within the Netherlands.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Robo Japan: Ohzora Publishing Releases Sexy Manga In The US

Robo Japan: Ohzora Publishing Releases Sexy Manga In The US

Experience the Allure of MangaAurora

Aurora Publishing, Inc., the fully-ownedU.S. subsidiary of Japan's manga powerhouse, Ohzora Publishing Co., launchesthree new websites for their three manga imprints ­ Aurora, Luv Luv & Deux.Aurora ~ Experience the Allure of MangaAurora, the Shojo/Josei Manga imprint of Aurora Publishing, Inc. premieres their colorful and exciting full-featured website at <> .

The newly launched site contains details about current and future manga title releases, as well as titillating manga page previews taken from the interiors of each of their current, new and upcoming manga. Visitors to the site also have the opportunity to sign up for Aurora's informative and entertaining monthly newsletter.Aurora plans to release a steady stream of Shojo/Josei Manga titles in 2008.Their first manga release in 2007, Walking Butterfly by Chihiro Tamaki, was critically well-received and hailed as a winning mix of humor, drama, sexappeal and big city life. Walking Butterfly was nominated for a Great Graphic Novels For Teens Award by the Young Adult Library Services Association.LuvLuv ~ Feel the Passion! The entry of Aurora into the market with its dedicated josei imprint signals the arrival of a new wave of more mature titles for female readers...Is Josei The Next Yaoi?Luv Luv, debuting in January 2008, is the Ladies Comics/Josei Manga imprint created by Aurora Publishing, Inc. Its new website can be found at <> .

The Luv Luv website features news, information on all manga releases, manga previews and makes available a newsletter to subscribers about Luv Luv's current, new and upcoming titles. Like yaoi, josei manga is largely created by female manga-ka and is targeted towards an over-eighteen, mature female audience.In order to show that josei just may be the next yaoi, Aurora Publishing,Inc. brings "passionate manga for women" to America with their new Luv Luv imprint and newly established website.The initial launch title from Luv Luv is Voices of Love by Kanae Hazuki,which will be released in January 2008. Voices of Love is a collection offive romantic, hot and sexy stories, created just for women. Manga from LuvLuv feature more realistic sexual content and more mature storylines and themes than are presently found in the manga currently available to women in America. All of the graphic novels depict romantic and physical relationships with nothing held back. Why let guys have all the fun.Deux ~ Where Fantasy Becomes Obsession. In addition to the Aurora & Luv Luv sites comes the newly created Deux website at<> .

Deux is the yaoi manga imprint from Aurora Publishing Inc. The Deux website contains up-to-date information, manga previews, links to reviews and articles, and anewsletter (upon subscription) about Deux's current, new and upcoming yaoi titles.By making Makoto Tateno's first yaoi love story Hate to Love You the initial release from their imprint, Deux showed yaoi audiences their dedication tobringing the highest quality yaoi manga to America. Deux continues to produce elite examples of classic yaoi masterpieces as exemplified by their most recent release, Volume One of the I Shall Never Return series. I Shall Never Return is the kind of infectious book you loan to your friends just so you can have someone to talk to about it. It elicits a reaction from the reader, and has more story per chapter than some manga has in four volumes.Aurora Publishing, Inc. believes that the future growth of manga in America depends on the expansion of the entire market by reaching new audiences. With the launching of the Aurora, LuvLuv and Deux websites, Aurora seeks to further push the envelope of established manga genres in the U.S. by creating a place where fans can fully experience the allure, passion,and obsession of challenging, daring and sexy manga titles.Located in Torrance, California, Aurora Publishing, Inc. (established 2006) is a fully-owned subsidiary of Ohzora Publishing Co., the number one publishing house in Japan in terms of female manga franchises and number of manga publications for women. Dedicated to publishing manga of the high estartistic quality with the highest entertainment value for females of all ages, Aurora Publishing, Inc. is focused on publishing translated Japanese manga titles for the North American market, as well as developing American manga for the worldwide market. More information can be found online at: <> .

Experience the Allure of Manga!

Luv Luv Press (established 2008) is the Ladies Comics/Josei Manga imprint created by Aurora Publishing, Inc. Described as passionate manga for women,Luv Luv graphic novels depict realistic sexual relationships and real life romances, themes and storylines from a woman's perspective. Why let guys have all the fun? More information can be found online at: <> .

Feel the passion!

Deux Press (established in 2007) is the Yaoi Manga imprint of AuroraPublishing, Inc. With a focus on releasing exemplary yaoi titles from classics to contemporary, Deux shows manga fans what makes yaoi the popular phenomenon that it is today. More information can be found online at: <> .

Where Fantasy BecomesObsession...