Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Stay Crazy, London

When Marc by Marc show with its Hollywood hangers-on crashed London fashion week last Friday we were worried sick about Gareth Pugh - the maddest designer in entire United Kingdom (and that is no easy feat).

What if Marc's loud publicity apparatus overshadows our young deranged genius? But, guess what, it didn't. Some shows are just exciting on their own and not because of Selma Blair's new haircut. That's all.

Coco in Gareth Pugh coat from Spring collection / "Sensory Overload" by Steven Meisel for Italian Vogue. (Merci Frostfrench!!)

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Review:Like everything else English. They have very little to work with when compared to their Empire years, Yet they give off an impressive array of culture and social events backed up by impressive productions. This latest entry, also in an attmept to influence the fashions industry where they have always been weak is a very good try.
RK March 14, 2007

Here some African Fashions presented in 2005

Rumors: Erin Fetherston for Target?

So the blogosphere is already buzzing about Libertine doing a collection for Target, but the little whispers are lately revolving around the possibility of Erin Fetherston and Target teaming up.

It would be an interesting step for the up-and-coming Fetherston, known primarily for her clean, floaty frocks and dollybird spirit, to do day and casual wear for the mass market. The idea is exciting, of course -- who wouldn't want one of Fetherston's pure, adorable dresses for a song? Of course, these are just rumors, but if it's true, it's great to see Target picking up on emerging talent in a business that can be all too precarious.

Something from her latest collection:

Review:" A lttle dab will do ya " was an old saying for one of the popular men's haircreams of the late 50s before the wind-swept male hair style created by the short lived Kennedy era. Fetherston lay-back stylings is not what Target should be looking for simply because the womyn who shop there are the more athletic types, than the subdued looks being sold by Fetherston.

A lot of the models look they could use blood tranfusions too!

RK, March 14, 2007