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Just stepping out

Just stepping out looking and feeling good in the pieces is enough to be grateful to God for Washington, D.C. (PRWeb) January 31, 2007 -- The successful fusion of fashion and faith has never been done before; that is until now. A classy and sophisticated clothing line, O2GOD Collection, is blazing a trail in the territory of couture. The line offers a quality product for men and women with a fashion and design element that just can't be found anywhere else.

Created in 1999, O2GOD is releasing an exciting, revitalized line for Spring/Summer 2007. Christened The Royal Collection, it will be available for purchase and merchandising 4 March. The Collection joins the ranks of the most well-known names in upscale fashion with the anxiously awaited line filled with luxurious colors and fabrics, and flattering fits.Presently based in the D.C. area, O2GOD Collection is the brainchild of CEO Jerome Boatright, of northern Alabama.

A long time volunteer, he has spent a great deal of time mentoring youth in churches, juvenile detention centers, and group homes. His goal was to create a clothing line that would spread a message of living every day with focus; wearing a conviction in a way that could become not only a permanent fixture of the wardrobe, but a lifestyle. "Just stepping out looking and feeling good in the pieces is enough to be grateful to God for," says Boatright, and the aim of the Collection is to appeal to one's sense of style as well as their sensibility.

Head turning, original designs are sure to attract admiring glances, and even a knowing nod from those who share the same sensibilities.Building on a foundation of basic black and white, the Collection adds a luscious gold that brings the pieces to life in both fabric and adornment. Featuring unique, bold graphic designs and distinctive embellishments, the pieces are fresh and creative, and are an expression of style and individuality.

It's casual but chic, combining comfort and elegance in an upscale look that can effortlessly make the transition from day to night. Contemporary fit, flair, and texture appeals to the fashion conscious, and embodies a timeless style. Currently on the drawing board, the Gold and Signature Labels promise to offer must-have pieces, from intricately detailed polo's, to crisp, characteristic button-downs.

The Gold Label will use rich, brilliant fabrics that emulate the sun, while the Signature Label proposes exceptional, refined designs like those found in boutiques. The collection will also expand to include golf wear, children's clothing, and various accessories.With O2GOD Collection, clothing communicates; you don't just wear a label, but you wear a lifestyle. You walk infused with confidence, and proudly serve as a reminder to others to take pause and give credit where it's due.

The line will be exhibited at the following trade shows:

MAGIC, Las Vegas, 13-16 February; Americasmart, Atlanta, 1-4 February; Mercedes Fashion Week, New York, 2-9 February; Chicago Collective, Chicago, 4-6 February. For more information, visit the website at O2GOD.COM, or via email.###
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Tuesday, January 30, 2007 to include this photo...

The Month end Review: Oh ya...this means other bloggers based up keyword searches. This one being The Fashions Bitch Ithaca, Fashion Bitch Ithaca, and the The Fashion Bitch Ithaca. Thus the following........... RK, January 30, 2007

This blog leads us all, and here is a kissy for the blogger too! The photo is a mild representation of what the blogger had included. Real on the edge. Thursday Nite Fever: The Quote Wall -Warning - not for the young to watch either! got to be at least 40.
Some " Blaw " reference on other bitchy fashions blogs with Ithaca as part of the search.

African Fashions Making Their Way " Finally "

African Fashions and Designers Win World Acclaim

Africans are painting the world in a kaleidoscope of bold, vibrant color combinations and dazzling patterns. The rich fabrics and virtually unlimited selection of turbans and other festive headgear, bright scarves, colorful wraps, wearable art and elegant gowns that brightened our days and lit up our evenings in Morocco, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire Uganda, Benin, Ghana, Zambia, South Africa, Tanzania, Guinea and other African destinations, were simply outstanding. What's more, so were the creators. During the past decade as publishers, we've had the privilege of meeting several of the brightest stars in Africa's fashion galaxy, and thanks to the magic of serendipity, more will surely appear in the near future. As I've learned, in many African societies, the choice of colors and textiles has special significance to the wearer. For example, hats often tell stories of everyday life, with its struggles, spiced by uplifting periods of joie de vivre.

While I have lived and worked in various North and West African ...continue on ,,,[ Web Site ]

Review: " Finally " is the right word I choose for this posting, and for alot of good reasons.

Everyone believe that Africans should be on the forefront of style, as the some of the social and cultural aspects of traditional America lingers behind the curtain or degree of Americans know it all cultural smugness.

None the less, and with the first attempt, as personally acknowledged by this writer back in 1970, made by designers from Ghana at an exhibit at Howard University indicates other - wise. The central factor is that as a result of free-ing themselves from the European colonnial yoke, many newly emerged African states planned cultural events around the ethnological National '" not Tribal "pride in their peoples traitional folkways of fashion; they made a paticular point of investment " for " with the few dollars they have to budgetted.

What this article is, and I am gald to have found it on the InterNet, is that their are indications that youger Africans, who now have the money, and not some absentee past colonialist, are looking for something different, and at the sametime to show some connection to the fashion cultural " National " traditions.

RK, January 30, 2007

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Liquid Metal Wicked Fashions

Liquid Metal Sexy ClubwearThe WT Liquid Metal Clubwear is made from the finest double-pass metallic lycra available. This fabric is very bright & glossy, ensuring that you will turn heads and command attention. All pieces in the collection are available in any of the 7 colors we have.
This is one of the most daring styles around. Moreover, the slick and shine look, as I saw it at the popular 54 Club in Las Vegas, litterally glitters against the strobe lighting affects mixed in with the club's lasser scheme.
All quite alluring, and according it keeps you cool too - while you swet during Hip Hop dancing. Sort - of auto - dry.
RK, January 23, 2007

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Fashions and Visions

Paul Poiret, Visionary Artist-Couturier of Early 20th Century, to be Celebrated by Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute in Spring 2007

Gala Benefit to Take Place May 7 with Honorary Chair François-Henri Pinault and Co-Chairs Cate Blanchett, Nicolas Ghesquière, and Anna Wintour

Exhibition dates: May 9–August 5, 2007
Exhibition location: Special exhibition galleries, first floor

Press preview: Monday, May 7, 10 a.m.–1 p.m.

Paul Poiret – who at the height of his career in pre-World War I France was the undisputed "King of Fashion" and whose sweeping vision led to a new silhouette that liberated women from the corset and introduced the shocking colors and exotic references of the Ballets Russes to the haute couture – will be celebrated with a landmark exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art from May 9 through August 5, 2007. He has not been the focus of a major museum exhibition in more than 30 years.

"The historic significance and influence, up to the present day, of Poiret's work is breathtaking," said Harold Koda, Curator in Charge of the Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute. "He pioneered a self-confident modernity based on woman's seductive femininity, and envisioned a 'total lifestyle' that extended from how she should dress, to what fragrance she should wear and how she should decorate her home – an approach reflected in the strategies of many of today's fashion houses." Presented in a series of tableaux, the garments on view will highlight the multiple facets of his astonishing inventiveness – including the beauty of his draped, unstructured fabrics and his fascination with the Ballets Russes, the Wiener Werkstätte, Orientalism and the 1001 Nights-will be complemented by paintings, illustrations, sculpture, and other objects that explicate his much broader artistic vision. At the core of the exhibition will be a grouping of the stunning creations acquired by the Metropolitan in the much-heralded 2005 sale of clothing from Poiret's estate."

The exhibition is made possible by Balenciaga.

Additional support has been provided by Condé Nast
To celebrate the opening of the exhibition, the Museum's Costume Institute Benefit Gala will take place on Monday, May 7, 2007. François-Henri Pinault will serve as Honorary Chair of the Gala. Co-Chairs will be actress Cate Blanchett, Nicolas Ghesquière, Creative Director of Balenciaga, and Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue.

More than any other designer of the 20th century, Paul Poiret – who is credited both with liberating women by making the corset démodé and with restricting their gait with narrow-hemmed hobble skirts – elevated fashion to the status of art. Like the artists with whom he collaborated, Poiret's work was fueled by the dominant discourses of the day, including Classicism, Orientalism, Symbolism, and Primitivism. The "Pasha of Paris," as he was known, was responsible for introducing the vivid colors of the Fauvists and the exotic references of the Ballets Russes to the haute couture. Poiret's protean genius also extended beyond fashion to the realms of art, theatre, architecture, and interior design. As well as discussing his design legacy, the exhibition will focus on Poiret's collaborations with such artists as Paul Iribe, Georges Barbier, and Georges Lepape. Poiret's designs will be presented in a series of vignettes evocative of the drawings of these artists for such fashion periodicals as Art Goûx Beauté and La Gazette du Bon Ton.

The exhibition will include several garments from the May 2005 Paris auction of the private collection of Paul Poiret's descendants, many of which had never before been photographed or put on public display. The Metropolitan Museum acquired several of these garments – which were made for Poiret's wife Denise, who was his muse and wore his designs without any concession to prevailing tastes – at the auction.

While apprenticing in his teens to an umbrella maker, Paul Poiret entered the world of fashion when he sold some of his sketches to Madeleine Cheruit at her Paris fashion house. After stints with designers Doucet and Worth, he opened his own house in 1903 and was boosted by the patronage of Réjane, a famous actress of the period, among others. In his groundbreaking designs, he led the way to the chemise dress (later refined through a reductive modernism by Chanel and his other rivals) with his revival of Directoire silhouettes and his referencing of the simple cuts of ethnic costume. In 1911 he became the first fashion designer to create and market his own perfume, which he named after Rosine, his first daughter. Also in 1911, he created a series of workshops for the production of fabrics, furniture, and a range of decorative objects as an extension of his overall aesthetic. He and his wife were renowned for their glamorous excess and sumptuous entertaining, marked by fêtes such as the now-legendary "Thousand and Second Night" party in June 1911 – at which all of the guests were required to wear appropriate costume. Poiret spent the last decade of his life in debt, having been superseded by other designers including Coco Chanel and Jean Patou. As the famous, and perhaps apocryphal, story is told, of the 1920s chance encounter between the "King of Fashion" and young Coco Chanel: Poiret inquired of the black-clad Chanel, "For whom, madame, do you mourn?" to which Chanel replied, "For you, monsieur."

Credits and Related Publication

Poiret is organized by Harold Koda, Curator in Charge, with the assistance of Andrew Bolton, Curator, both of the Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute.

A book, published by The Metropolitan Museum of Art and distributed by Yale University Press, will accompany the exhibition, which will also be featured on the Museum's Web site (

The design for the 2007 Costume Institute gala benefit will be created by Jean-Hugues de Chatillon and Raul Avila

Hio Hop Fashions 2007

Shopping for JLo, Baby Phat and Beyonce's House of Dereon Clothing Now Available at SHOP.COM

OneCart(TM) Marketplace Expands Women's Clothing Category With Celebrity Fashion Collections

MONTEREY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Just in time for last-minute holiday shopping (, the ecommerce multi-merchant marketplace with OneCart(tm) convenience, SHOP.COM (, today announced that it has significantly expanded its women's apparel category with several new fashion collections including JLo by Jennifer Lopez, House of Dereon, and Baby Phat Apple Bottoms, the premiere female hip-hop brand. These merchants join other name brand retailers such as, Sierra Trading Post, Ugg Australia, Eastern Mountain Sports, One Hanes Place, Barrie Pace and Lucky Brand Jeans to create one of the broadest offerings of women's dress clothes (, women's dress shoes ( g1-2179309), handbags and accessories available on the Web today.

“The majority of our customers are women who spend a great deal of time online – especially now with holiday shopping ( We're thrilled that we can offer these style-conscious shoppers some of the hottest celebrity fashion brands in the market today,” said Drew Green, SHOP.COM's vice president of merchant and marketplace development. “At SHOP.COM we organize women's dress clothes

(, sportwear, shoes and jewelry from hundreds of name brand stores so that our customers can easily find and buy what they need – including some 'must-have' gifts for themselves this holiday season.”

Available for holiday shopping ( sourceid=395 ) at SHOP.COM today, the JLo lifestyle brand includes swimwear, eyewear, jewelry, outerwear, handbags, lingerie, watches, shoes and fragrances. The House of Deréon fashion line features ready-to-wear, casual sportswear and denim, as well as furs, handbags and footwear. Baby Phat, an urban fashion line for women and girls, specializes in clothes, shoes and accessories for phones.

These new fashion lines join the thousands of brands in women's dress clothes ( winter), women's dress shoes ( sourceid=395), fragrances, watches and lingerie that are currently available in the SHOP.COM marketplace including Anne Klein, Armani, BCBG Max Azria, Calvin Klein, Cole Hahn, Danskin, DKNY, Dior, Gucci, Guess, Kate Spade, Kenneth Cole, Michael Kors, Prada and Ralph Lauren, among others.

With the convenience of OneCart™, SHOP.COM customers can go online holiday shopping ( 395) for their friends and family as well as themselves by placing their women's clothing purchases -- JLo sportswear and a Baby Phat handbag -- in the same shopping cart they use to purchase gifts such as iPod Nanos, jewelry and books. SHOP.COM offers an easy check-out process where consumers use one password-protected account. SHOP.COM's Save for Later feature lets consumers place products in their cart for later consideration and purchase.

SHOP.COM is the destination online marketplace designed to help consumers more conveniently and efficiently shop on the web. SHOP.COM organizes millions of products from more than a thousand merchants in a single location, allowing consumers to shop across them all – start to finish – with OneCart™ and one personal password-protected account. OneCart™ is SHOP.COM's unique, proprietary, patent-pending solution that fully integrates data feeds from all SHOP.COM merchant partners to allow a single check-out experience. SHOP.COM is a privately-held company headquartered in Monterey, Calif. For more information, visit the company's website at www.SHOP.COM .

NOTE TO EDITORS: In certain Internet addresses noted in this news release, there are a "tildes" that may not appear properly in some systems.

Optimized by Newsforce Contacts

SHOP.COMCatherine Norman,

Asian Invasions " The Models "

Press Gallery «» Press Release «» Press Conference «» Launch Parties «» Buy It

Press Release

NEW YORK - December 21, 2006, made available its ground breaking Sexy South Asian Girls Calendar for the year 2007. The calendar is the very first of its kind, showcasing South Asian (Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi) models from North America. The calendar was produced and developed to recognize the overlooked and highly attractive appeal of South Asian women in the mainstream fashion and modelling world outside of the Subcontinent of South Asia. The style of the calendar is in scope with popular magazines MAXIM and FHM, but very much has its own unique flavor, giving it an even greater edge. joins the ranks of giant brand Kingfisher who produces a similar, more conservative calendar in India. "By publishing this calendar we have established a platform for South Asian models in North America to utilize as a stepping stone for their careers, just as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar has done for the mainstream market. Even with the success of many South Asian actors and musicians in the mainstream, there is still a great lack in foundation and support for 2nd and 3rd generation models and we are very pleased to be able to provide that." Publisher of the Calendar, Saroosh Gull said and continued, "...our main objective in producing this calendar was to showcase the beauty of South Asian women and to project an image to the mainstream market that South Asian women are just as "American," being beautiful, attractive and capable in the mainstream fashion and modelling world as Latinas, Blacks, Whites and other Asians, if not more so. By advancing with this agenda, we are doing something that has never been done before, which makes this entire project and the impact it will have truly ground breaking."

Ayesha Hakki, Editor and Publisher of Bibi Magazine lent her strategic support to the entire project and provided encouragement. Ms. Hakki said "...we think this calendar is a great way to showcase strong and sexy South Asian women. It's an idea whose time has come and we are very proud to be a part of it. Through out the entire process, we wanted the photos to be sexy and tasteful and I think the end result is a testament to the inherent beauty of South Asian women."
The calendar itself is not without controversy. The cover girl, along with several other models in the calendar are of muslim background and posing in bikinis has caused quite an uproar in some communities. Cover girl Mariyah Moten, who is originally from Pakistan said "I am very pleased and very proud to be attached to this project and being able to express my freedom as a Pakistani-American is something I truly cherish."

Co-Publisher, Ojas Vaidya added, "The calendar is for all South Asians, as it has all of the Muslim, Hindu and Sikh holidays noted on it, along with Christmas, Easter and so on. We wanted to make sure that we weren't just putting together some sexy pictures for people to look at, but its actually a pretty good and informative calendar. As you know, its very hard to find a calendar that has all South Asian holidays on it. I, myself am very happy to have something on my wall that shows all the days we, as Desis celebrate."

In responding to criticism for the controversy surrounding the calendar, Mr. Gull summarized by saying " was very important for us to break stereotypes and allow the reality of South Asian-Americans to be expressed. In maintaining our desire to depict the South Asian-American community accurately, we are proud to have been able to bring together models from different locations, backgrounds and careers. We are very proud to be able to include women with Pakistani and Indian backgrounds, who have traditionally been categorized as shy, introverted and reserved. As you will see in our calendar, we are showcasing beautiful, intelligent, ambitious women who have no insecurities about who they are and the independence they represent. We have been very lucky to be able to work with these models, as they have all shown their strong will and dedication both personally and professionally."

The calendar was sponsored by one of the largest Beer companies in India, which is making headway in the American market, Hayward's Beer. DesiWear, the leading Desi Clothing company,, BiBi Magazine, and the Miss Pakistan World Pageant also contributed greatly. There was also crucial support given by mainstream brands Monster Energy and Virgin Mobile. The calendar can be purchased online from /calendar and plans are already underway for the 2008 Calendar.
About Founded in 1998, is the leading South Asian media entity, focusing on the 2nd and 3rd generation population of South Asians in North America and the UK.

" Go Fug Yourself "

This is new discovery ~ Go Fug Yourself ~ which I was search out the net, and came up with .......

See how Heather the site's owner write about the photo above.
" Methinks something is trying to liberate itself. Every which way Sharon stood, that side of her dress sagged dangerously and her right breast seemed ever more ready to run for the border. We appreciate a breast's desire not to be pinched, as this one appears to be (somewhat painfully, I might add), but once the boob is inside a couture gown on a red carpet, it kind of needs to suck it up and stay put. We don't think it ever actually did pop out, but this is a perfect example of why you should never commit to a strapless gown without first waving your arms around, jumping, stretching, and otherwise making a fool of yourself in front of a mirror to ensure that everything still stays where it should. "

Posted by Heather at 12:05 PM in Golden Globes Permalink
A real kindred spirit gals....

Sunday, January 21, 2007

--- Antonio Beradi ( 2003 collection ) ---

The Magnificent look, and I still trying to locate some of his recent creations. Thus the Antonio Beradi ( 2003 collection ) instead of something more contemporary.
Please report if you seen any of his recent creations...include the URL too!
RK, January 20, 2007

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The Mini's " Updates "

United Colors of Benetton S/S 2007 Collections

Light. On second thoughts, ultra-light.This adjective best defines the UCB Women collection for the next Spring Summer season. It’s a question of fabrics and weights. Obviously. But also, and perhaps above all, of content and style, because lightness and freshness is the way of life the collection exudes. Severity with grace, fuss-free glamour, trendy without exaggeration, natural elegance.

Code Breaking. The rules have changed, but the elegance is the same. White and an urban tennis look achieved through loose frilly blouses and trousers in various lengths; featherweight cabled or ribbed mini pullovers; close-fitting men’s shirts and linear short jackets. The polka-dot dresses or sporty shirtwaisters under trench coats or canvas duffle coats come straight from the VIPs’ enclosure.

Heavenly Creature. A corner of heaven on earth where all is pale and ethereal: puff-skirt dresses swollen by a light breeze, loose silk- or cotton-muslin blouses, crinkly skirts like angel wings, impalpable lacework knits, petal patterns, lace, stripes and light sweatshirts. White and dawn shades.

Suburban Beat. Even the street look takes a softer turn. The compulsory blue and black denim join forces with narrow sailor stripes, flowery muslin tops and bon-ton twinsets. Carefully crumpled asphalt-black blazers and Bermuda shorts are made of madras-style linen. Tattoo embroidery and even tiny lace edging.

Mistaken Identity. Girl soldiers straight from the tailor’s. The army style goes off duty. Regulation safari and bomber jackets, blouses and blazers with high-fashion proportions. Cargo trousers and colonial shorts obey the same orders. Around these are light empire-line dresses, lingerie tops, crumpled-effect knits and jungle patterns.

Update from South America. The summer heats up to a South-American beat. Striped denim, flowers and samba colours, tango black and red, white frills, siesta lace. A South American journey around clothes hangers: petticoat skirts and jazz pants, puff sleeves, layered tops and twirling dresses. For muchachas the world over.

High-resolution images are available in the section:Image Gallery - Collections - UCB - S/S 2007 - Lookbook - Woman


Designed to match and enhance UCB apparel, the accessories collection also lives an independent life. Fun, funky, vibrant and rich in detail. And with an overall feeling of lightness and informality.

Bags play with materials, mixing and matching them with imagination. Leather is never left on its own, it intertwines with tape to create a chequered pattern, it mates up with floral-print fabric, with brightly-coloured nylon and tea-cloth striped canvas. PVC forms an external coating, mainly on sacks: it's coloured to "change" the inside colour or transparent to "gloss" sequences of polka dots, wallpaper-like flowers and the ever-present logo. Textile bags display embroidery, sailor stripes, upholstery-like flowers and stripes, and shiny sequin appliqués. Straw and raffia and seasonal classics look back to the Sixties and cover themselves in little bows, pompons, crochet cables and Brazilian-beach colours.

Wooden clogs are a must for the summer and they focus on eye-catching pressed-leather uppers and on soft tasselled nappa. A whole kaleidoscope of ballerinas and flip-flops gratify our love of simplicity, while ultra-feminine sandals tied at the ankle range from leather to flowery fabric. There are sneakers galore for sporty types: from bright B-06s to upholstery-fabric basketball shoes.

Belts too play at mix 'n' match: leather with studs, flowers, coloured stones, lace, embroidery and punching, with a definite preference for narrow styles, including some that go twice around the waist.

As always, brightly coloured or floral cloches, flat caps, peaked caps.

High-resolution images are available in the section:


A perfect expression of the Benetton spirit, the Kid collection for S-S 2007 is all about natural, spontaneous shabby chic. Yet everything was constructed, studied and made with the utmost care, precision and richness. The ranges – seven each for boys and girls – reflect a wide variety of influences, moods and genres from various latitudes. There is an overall light, modern feel symbolic of this worldwide brand.


Pearl Girl, sweet urban allure in a profusion of stripes, spots and shimmering mother-of-pearl in tone-on-tone embroidery. Army Flower, nothing warlike on show, just retro flowers and camouflage fabric, sugar pink and worn denim. Tattoo, permanent decorations in all shades and sparkles, but only on jeans and T-shirts. Tropical Cruise, multicolour fine-ribbed piqué means a cruise holiday sails into town with funky prints and embroidery with a candy flavour. Soft Rock, the only thing left of the rockerette is silver, the rest is lace, flowers and embroidery in a sea of pink. Mexico Beach, white, flounces and flowers of all colours. Urban Exotic, ethnic skirts, prints, colours in the hot shades of Indian spices.


Chic Vintage, a return to the past with new details: a pink for boys, and reversible jackets. London Mood, a Little Lord Fauntleroy passion for the casual look in script motifs and red-and-blue stripes, sneakers and baseball cap. Street, colours and army camouflage for urban life and school adventures. Sport Concept, an acrobatic sports mixture: script motifs, numbers, colours and apparel as long as they have a sporty look. Minimalist Blue, linen, chic white, faded prints and yachting polo shirts for beguiling little boys. Fashion Flower Surf, checks, T-shirts, cotton tunics, hibiscus flowers – all he can think of is surfing the waves of the world. Fashion Boy Scout, short trousers and it’s already a holiday; dressed almost offhandedly, but very, very trendy.


So small yet so fashionable: the newborn style’s new slogan.
Sweet Heart little girls, not with hearts but flowers, even on their feet; Glam Colors, dainty details and snazziness in a mini format; Sunny Day, floral fragrance and colours, best of all against white backgrounds.

Kiddie Bunch little boys, for those who believe in starting sports early; City Walker, mini-rapper styles including an edgy denim jacket; Surf Cup, ocean colours and sand, dreaming of surfboards as we play with a bucket and spade.

High-resolution images are available in the section:

For further information: +39 0422 519036

Paris Fashions - Paris Night Life ( NightLIfe ), RMC

Paris Fashions are going a little dry now. Nonetheless, this webpage makes an attempt to fill in the caps. Its brief by its does have a good basis, and I have been told a lot more is coming too!

RK, January 21, 2007

Paris Fashions WebPage of Paris Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC

Carnot de Femmes

This is more a photo review. I found this on the internet and know you should see this blog Carnot de Femmes' Blog and some of the designs depicted.

To those of us who are movie buffs of the ole genre when Hollywood was the biggest thing in American'dom, these style were the average curve of glamor. Thus is use Maryland Monroe's pict below to give you a hint of what is coming.

Retros are now becoming Glamor - Retro - Buffing of a sorts. So enjoy the site gals.

RK, January 21, 2007

P.S. See what to buy the man .

Sexy and Satin " Some Ideas Part One "

The Knot Unveils Wedding Trends for 2007

From the 'What's Big in 2007?' Online Trends Gallery, Now Live on
NEW YORK, Dec. 6 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- What's hot in weddings for 2007? For engaged couples, it's all about the cocktail hour, the color orange, and the country Italy, according to The Knot (, the nation's leading wedding resource.

Carley Roney, editor in chief of The Knot: "Couples continue to seek out ways to make their weddings completely unforgettable. They're crazy for signature colors, surprises at the reception like entertainers, after-parties, and wild cakes -- and they're all about showing off their sense of style. And, we don't see the destination wedding rage slowing down anytime soon."
Planning a wedding next year? Roney encourages couples to create a festive atmosphere with the following trends pulled from the brand new digital trends gallery on :


Brides have a major crush on orange this year. From creamy peaches and mod citrus hues to deep tangerines and burnt siennas, this bold color is being paired with a range of colors to achieve a variety of moods. For a modern, retro appeal, it's being teamed with chocolate browns, lime greens, and sky blues. For a preppier feel, it's being tied with blushing pinks, lemony yellows, and sage greens. And, for a romantic aura, it's being paired with deep jewel tones-red, aubergine, and gold. What better way to take your tangerine palette up a notch? With a great pattern. Think starbursts, swirls, and playful polka dots on everything from the invite to the bridesmaid dresses, wedding cake, and cocktail napkins.


The fit-and-flare trumpet gown continues to be the silhouette of the moment. Whether its lace, taffeta, or luxe silk satin, this sexy, feminine shape provides a runway-ready look for the bride who wants to make a fashion statement on her wedding day. We're certain this slim shape is hot because of the kick of drama it adds to the altar-and the dance floor. Combined with a rise of dramatic fabrics and details-bling, flowers, sexy sleeves, and even black-designers are finding thousands of ways to put their own spin on this fresh silhouette.


Destination weddings continue to be the rage, and in 2007, it's all about Italy. TomKat put Rome on the map for their fairy-tale wedding event at the Castle Odescalchi on Lake Bracciano. From the picturesque cliffs of Portofino to the streaming canals of Venice and the magnificent architecture of Florence, Italian cities have become destination wedding hot-spots -- popular not only for the views and the delicious food, but the unmatched sightseeing opportunities for guests. Check out for Italian resorts, planning tips and regional rules for tying the knot in the land of amore.


Personal wedding websites with URLs on invitations are now standard. Wedding websites will continue to up the ante on sophistication (some will even rival the sites of Fortune 500 companies). Look for deluxe digital applications: daily blogs by brides, digital music, streaming video, online RSVP-and even live webcasts. To build your own, see new designs and features of online wedding webpage builders like or


The cocktail hour has become one of the night's major events -- and couples are skipping the not-seeing-each-other tradition to take pictures pre ceremony so they can be there to enjoy it. Design and foodwise, they're taking this pre-reception party to extremes: awe-inspiring flowers (towering cylinder vases filled with orchids submerged in water); special entertainment (jazz bands, steel drum players, and mariachi bands); and an insane spread of munchies, from full-on raw bars to live sushi chefs and crepe stations.


The wedding cake is a given. But the new guest at the dessert table is a massive dessert buffet-traditionally known as the Viennese table. Guests are surprised by tables filled with delectable goodies rolling out onto the dance floor or taking up a whole reception room on their own. Popular items are chocolate buffet stations featuring all types of cocoa creations-mousses, truffles, chocolate fondue, and pot du chocolate; cheesecake sampling stations with all flavors from Key lime to snickerdoodle. And candy buffets overflowing with sweet surprises from gourmet pretzels to sweet and sour jelly beans.


While Hawaii and the Caribbean remain on the honeymoon hot list, this year it's all about adventure trips to the Seven Wonders of the World. Couples are seizing the opportunity to see the most exotic famous locales from the Taj Mahal to the Great Wall of China and the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. And more and more couples are looking for destinations that offer plenty of adventure: rafting in the Grand Canyon, hiking in Machu Picchu, and getting up close with nature on African safaris.

More Notable Trends:

THE MINI-MOON: The mini-moon -- a quick getaway six months out from the wedding to take a break from the planning -- is becoming more and more popular. Whether it's a ski weekend in Vail or lounging by the beach in Southern California, couples are stealing away from the stress -- and mandating a 48-hour freeze on wedding talk.

DESTINATION BACHELORETTE BASHES: For a while, last blast trips to Vegas and Miami were solely for the guys. But now the gals are getting in on the getaway action, traveling with all of their close friends for a fun-filled pre wedding weekend by the beach or on the town to learn something new, like surfing!

VINTAGE RINGS: Like Christina Aguilera's vintage-style diamond patterned setting, it's no longer just about the solitaire with side stones. Pave diamonds have lent to more creativity, and we're seeing a lot of one-of-a-kind designs on ring fingers. Vintage remains the rage, and white metals remain white hot.

ZEN-INSPIRED REGISTRIES: From Japanese-inspired pottery to Asian motifs (cherry blossoms, Chinese characters, and more), sushi and tea sets, and even spa packages, couples are filling their wedding wish lists with gifts that evoke a relaxed mood in their homes (perhaps to escape the chaos of their busy lives-and stressful planning?).

GREEN WEDDINGS: Eco-conscious couples are spending a lot of time and money planning weddings that reflect their environmentally friendly lifestyles. They're using recycled paper and minimizing the amount of paper used for invites, place cards, and programs; creating centerpieces with pesticide-free flowers and potted plants (that can be planted in the yard, post wedding); and serving organic and vegetarian menus.
For more hot trends, check out and pick up your copy of The Knot Weddings Magazine Spring/Summer 2007 issue, out this January. To speak with an editor and receive camera-ready images to illustrate your wedding trend stories, contact Sr. PR Manager Melissa Bauer at 212.219.8555 x1020 or email her at .
About The Knot Inc
The Knot Inc. (Nasdaq: KNOT) is a leading life stage media company. The Company's flagship brand, The Knot, is the nation's leading wedding resource that reaches over one million engaged couples each year through the Web, newsstands, bookstores, national television and more. Its award-winning website,, is the most-trafficked online wedding destination generating over 100 million monthly page views. The Company also offers national and regional editions of The Knot Weddings Magazine, seven books, a TV series on The Oxygen Network, a Video On Demand (VOD) service for Comcast Cable, and content distribution partnerships with MSN and Comcast. The Company's portfolio of life stage brands also includes newlywed resource The Nest, teen site, and personals site The Knot Inc. is based in New York and has several other offices across the country.
You will need some big buck here. None the less this press release really gives you an update on trends, and gals getting hitched want the best. do you not agree?
RK, January 21, 2007

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Silk Styles, and a Introduction to She Knows

She Knows Press Release:

Whether you’re looking for jet set soybean cashmere sweats to wear on the plane or the best tote of the summer (hey, if it’s good enough for Julia Roberts and Katie Couric, it’s good enough for you), there’s something for everybody in Mary Jo Matsumoto’s round up of the latest and greatest travel essentials at

Style expert Mary Jo Matsumoto, known lately for finding the latest breaking high tech trends in fashion and life, sheds light on the newest products that will make your summer sojourns sweet and easy. If you’re looking for a crash-proof pink laptop bag, a tiny perfume scientifically proven to take six years off your age, a milk spun sleep mask that will keep your eyes from getting bloodshot on long plane rides, an mp3 player the size of a pack of gum, or a battery re-charger that will work anywhere in the world — then you need to check out this handy list of travel essentials.

For those of you less enamored with life in the fast lane, there are also loads of charming irresistible products that you may find you can’t live without. For example, Matsumoto profiles the latest old-fashioned paisley roll-on suitcase with matching travel organizers, an all-natural skin care travel kit that fits neatly into your carry-on bag, an aromatherapy spray to get rid of “hotel smell” and lovely silk pillowcases to make your room feel like home away from home.
Even if you’re not going anywhere, you can still get the feeling of exotic romance by wearing Scent of A Woman, a new fragrance Mary Jo recommends which is based on the historical meeting of Anthony and Cleopatra.

To see recent articles by fashion and lifestyle writer Mary Jo Matsumoto, go to

Both the magazine reference, and She Knows web sites could be, depending on your taste, extremely important to you in your list of items to consider. It is in " how " you are represented in public which really denotes your willingness to embrace life.

Moreover, there is nothing more moody and relaxing to the touch of a womyn's skin than silk. And all the way when its a good fit and style. Can you feel yourself buzzing now ? Satin is another gem of wearing fabric.
RK, January 18, 2007

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Gwen Stinks it Up

No, I’m not talking about her latest single (although I definitely could be), but about her latest fashion/beauty project. Coty has enlisted Gwen Stefani to create a series of L.A.M.B. scents, the first of which will be released in fall 2007. Stefani says Eau de Gwen #1 will be “broad, classic, and timeless, but from there, I can get more specific with my next one.”

Somehow I completely trust Gwen’s ability to create fun, unique fragrances. She may get a bit weird with her musical endeavours, and have strange taste in hairstyles from time to time, but her L.A.M.B. line is always on point (check out this amazing dress to see what I mean.) If nothing else, we know her scents will come in cute bottles.
Gals its the this amazing dress portion of this press release you should take a gander at.
RK, January 17, 2007

Pink ????

thought of those wild-haired troll dolls that were popular in my youth when I saw these pictures of Pink at the E! Golden Globes after party. It’s her hair, of course, but the dress is also too short for her and has the effect of making her look like a toy. It’s even got pockets on the side where you can stash little barrettes and a comb for her hair.

Pink has recanted her statement that people should boycott Australian wool, saying that she appeared in a PETA video without doing research on the issue. She said she was not aware that the Australian wool industry has promised to phase out the practice of mulesing, where strips of skin are stripped from around the sheep’s tail. Mulesing is different from just removing the wool, and is initially painful to the sheep. The wool industry argues that without mulesing, sheep can get maggot eggs in that area, which is arguably more painful for them and can result in death.

The troll in the header image can be purchased on eBay, and its owner even lovingly weaved a lot of mohair together to give it two-toned hair. Maybe Pink should get some extensions
I swa this, and thought. Well reader what do you think? Does she? Or doesn't She ?
Is pretending to be a Doll ? And at the Oscars too - the last one that is ...
RK, January 17, 2007

Get your ASS to Ithaca

Shangri-La's most wam and cozy ready made silk velvet devore burnout garment is the kaftan, modelled after traditional Middle Eastern attire for men, this is a fabulous unisex garment. Shangri-La's charmeuse kaftan is equally suitable to use as a robe for lounging around the house or as a cloak for going out for a night on the town. It is available in all of our exclusive silk velvet patterns and colors.
One of the reason why I writing is because of someone who I learned Latin dance from in Ithaca. The other is that I like what he his doing with the Internet. Thus I ran into one of his links on Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY. and found Shangri-La Gifts - who I visited last Summer.
I can not begin to tell the additional items in which they are creating Kim and Gosline. But if you really want a real one of kind and extremely trendy then get a ticket, reserve a hotel room and get your ASS to Ithaca. Now!
RK. January 17, 2007

Some additional LA styles from 2006

Go: Park Vogel sample sale, October 6 in L.A.

Once upon a time I had a Park Vogel long-sleeved tee that was maybe the most perfect t-shirt I've owned in all my life, supersoft and with real good cling - like, better even than American Apparel or the most nicely faded thriftstore tee you could ever find. But because I'm sort of a five-year-old and prone to so much messiness, what was once white has now become stained and spotted with various colors from various kinds of spills. Heartbreaking, because I especially adore Park Vogel for its eco-conscious production practices:
To help curb air pollution, designers Julie Park and Vanessa Vogel get their Swiss cotton from an energy-efficient Australian mill that recycles its chemicals (so that they're not put back into the environment).
The happy ending to my story is that this Friday, Park Vogel (along with Woo) will be joining the Lily McNeal sample sale happening in L.A.. That means up to 80 percent off beautiful t-shirts, which may or may not include my favorite Park Vogel styles:
Hey college gals...this is it for that lazy evening to impress the academic, and make the nerds swet. Nonetheless, especially if you are applying for grad school at the same campus, then you should get in to this immediately - survival gals.
The model far away distant and dumb looks is appealing. But just for a while. None the less, it does convey the image of the style.
RK, January 17. 2007

Wicked Temptations News Release " Its getting Wilder Gals ! "

G-Strings are the Sexiest Panties, According to Men and Women
2006/12/01 20:12
Press Release from:
Cami Hayes, Wicked Temptations

In a survey of over 3,900 visitors to Wicked Temptations, an online lingerie retailer, nearly a third of men (32%!)voted for g-strings as their favorite women’s panty style. Surprisingly, women agreed: 30% of women chose g-strings over traditional thongs, bikinis/classic panties and boy shorts/tanga shorts. Although researchers expected women to choose more sensible styles and men to prefer the racier g-string or thongs, women’s responses mirrored men’s in every category. Participants were blind to current results and could not vote multiple times. G-strings were the

Classic Bikinis Lost to G-Strings, Thongs, Boy Shorts... And Nothing.
most popular, followed by thongs, preferred by 28% of men and 24% of women. 15% of men and 12% of women enjoy boy shorts or “tanga shorts” (a skimpier version of boy shorts—see for a complete lingerie dictionary) and a shockingly low 7% of men and 9% of women voted for classic bikini-style panties. Granted, this data was collected from visitors to Wicked Temptations, a company catering to connoisseurs of sexy and daring lingerie. However, the numbers are still surprising. It’s assumed that women prefer comfortable underwear and only don sexier styles to please their male partners.

This survey data suggests otherwise. Now more than ever, women are exploring and expressing their sexuality by treating themselves to attractive lingerie. However, the majority of shoppers at Wicked Temptations and other sexy lingerie sites are male. Men purchase lingerie as gifts for wives or girlfriends, and shopping online is a discrete and simple way to give a sexy gift. In the current survey, 2,630 of the participants were male and 1,295 were female.

The survey provided another interesting statistic. Wondering why those percentages didn’t quite add up? 16% of men and 21% of women cast a vote for no panties—that is, “going commando.” So look around: If the real world reflects visitors to Wicked Temptations, 2 out of 5 of the women around you aren’t wearing any panties, one is wearing a g-string, one is rocking a thong, and the last one… well, she’ll have to remain a mystery.

See for more polls, lingerie, costumes and more. is a modern News and Press Release-Portal, where entrepreneurs and freelancers can publish their press releases -for free-. We think, there's no better way for online advertising!
Though Victoria Secret[ I call Vicky ] is extremely dominate in our cultural and times, there are those who can put up a real challange. Wicked stands by its names sake all the way. More importantly gals, it has attracted males purchasers in the main.
Thus if do not like what he is buying for you then get him trained immediately.
In this you can not be bitchy, but must use your ways and means. Remember gals what " is " the image he is buying first and foremost, and be gentle if you find yourself fustrated with his views. Many males are very ignorant, and its getting worst in the appreciation department too. so if he is buying do not ruin a good thing at the sametime-this is where the wilds comes in. Get it????
None the less. Wicked is for fantasy while Vicky goes for ultimate comfort with a dash seductive.
RK, January 17, 2007

Toronto Styles:

Fashion Notes
The week’s news, views and tips

New Labels semis

The Toronto Fashion Incubator ( has announced the semifinalists in its annual new labels competition. Toronto lines 1.618 by Engelbert Gayagoy, Malak by Kalam Lee, OZEN by Phoebe Gao and Enfys Zhuo, Quelque Filles by Sara Nicol and Kelly Dowdall and Calgary's Lara Presber have all made the short list. The judging panel will pick three finalists at the end of January to show their stuff on April 17 for a chance to win the $25,000 prize package.

Frock cut

Top Roncesvalles fashion shop Frock (97 Roncesvalles, 416-516-1333) has cleared out its storeroom space to make room for the new Frock Head salon. Stylist Dawn Larson offers men's and women's cuts, colours and highlights priced from $40 up in the bright basement beauty shop. After your snip, scoot back upstairs, where the store's displaced merch, including fall and spring finds, is marked down by at least 25 per cent.

Style stash

If the fashion gods were good to you over the holidays and the overstocked hanging bar in your closet is starting to bow, Store Your Style promises to get you organized and free up some room for new clothing favourites. Log on to for info on de-packratting packages, including garment bags, wooden hangers, sweater boxes and a spot to stash your duds in SYS's wardrobe studio. Prices range from $59.99 to $99.99 a month.

White wears

Time to bust out the bleach (environmentally friendly of course) to brighten up your snow-coloured duds for the second annual Wear White 4 Windfall Day on January 25. Windfall Clothing Service collects new clothing and distributes it to social agencies around the GTA. Log on to to find out how to get your workplace involved (employees donate $4 to the charity to skip out on wearing their usual office attire) and for info on WHITE parties at Ultra Supper Club (314 Queen West) and fashion biz haunt Amber (119 Yorkville).
NOW JANUARY 11 - 17, 2007 VOL. 26 NO. 19
This stuff are largely for those who enjoy the easy in life and just want to be warm and cozy. Thus you will look good, but nothing exciting.
So its great for housewives, and those who wish to convey confortable social messages - strickly middle class and middle class wana - bees.
RK, January 17, 2007

Toronto and New York City forms Network.

January 10th,2007

By Aaron Brazell

NEW YORK and TORONTO– January 9, 2006 - Glam Media and b5media Inc. announced a partnership today to bring content from b5media to Glam, the largest fashion and style network on the Web. Select b5media blogs will join the Glam Network of over 250 affiliates, including Cosmopolitan, Dwell¸ Marie Claire and Nylon magazines, and dozens of leading indie fashion and lifestyle blogs and sites.

New media publishers like the b5media contribute to Glam’s interactive channels and features, offering brand advertisers a targeted way to reach the engaged and passionate audience of the blogs in their network. Glam Media reaches more than 8.6 million global unique visitors a month, and is a top 10 women’s property, according to comScore Media Metrix.

“Glam Media is committed bringing together the best fashion and lifestyle content on the Web,” said Samir Arora, chairman and founder of Glam Media. “Our partnership with b5media supports the market demand and opportunities for a highly targeted women’s lifestyle media network.”

“b5media is looking forward to working with Glam Media to create innovative distribution channels for the blogs in our network,” said Jeremy Wright, b5media’s CEO. “The synergy between our women-focused networks is a compelling offering for our audience and for advertisers”.

About Glam MediaGlam Media is the fastest-growing fashion and lifestyle Web property targeting women worldwide. Glam Media currently has more than 8 million US visitors a month and is hold the number two spot in top 10 women’s Web properties, as measured by comScore Media Metrix. Glam Media allows people to easily browse content by channels-fashion, beauty, and lifestyle- from leading magazines, indie publishers, and consumers. Glam Media is backed by the blue-chip venture-capital firms leading the new media wave:, Accel Partners (Facebook, BrightCove), DAG Ventures (Friendster, Plaxo, SpikeSource), Draper Fisher Jurvetson (Skype: eBay, Technorati), Walden Venture Capital, and Information Capital (Tickle/eMode: Monster).
About b5mediab5media ( is a global blog network featuring more than180 blogs on a wide variety of subjects ranging from entertainment and news to technology and sports. With content written by passionate people from around the world and visited by more than two million unique visitors a month, the Toronto-based company is among the world’s largest online new media networks.


Caroline HackerGlam Media

650-244-4000 x242 Direct
Mark EvansV.P.,


Whay can one say. Mergers happen all the time, and now fashion bloggers - realizing the power of the Internet market capability want in too.
RK, January 17, 2007

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Victoria Secret

AFNS] NEW YORK, USA 17-10-2006 – Lingerie manufacturer Victoria's Secret is set to unveil the 10 edition of diamond bra. This time the Diamond Fantasy Bra was created by Hearts On Fire and its includes more than 2,000 diamonds weighing 800 carats.

The centerpiece of the new bra is a 10-carat Hearts On Fire diamond brooch with a Victorian floral motif. The entire item is valued at $6.5 million. Over the 10-year history of Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bras, bejeweled underwear with a combined value surpassing $96 million in diamonds, jewels and precious metals has been created.

According to Hearts On Fire, the diamonds in the latest Fantasy Bra required over 20,000 hours of labor to cut and polish, while the bra itself took more than 300 hours to design and fabricate.

Supermodel Karolina Kurkova has been selected to wear this year’s Fantasy Bra, which will be featured in the 2006 Victoria’s Secret Christmas Dreams and Fantasies catalogue, arriving in consumer’s mailboxes in mid-October.

Kurkova previously modeled the “Star of Victoria” fantasy bra in 2002. Others to have been afforded the privilege include Gisele Bundchen, Claudia Schiffer, Tyra Banks, Daniela Pestova and Heidi Klum.

Karolina Kurkova wearing the 800-carat Victora’s Secret Fantasy Bra, created for the lingerie company by Hearts on Fire.
What can one say. You got the bucks, and someone will find the means. Nevertheless, with Victoria - you will get extreme confort too! Haines, and Calvin can only dream.
Oh by the way. As some have told. When you go to any laundrymat you will notice Vicotria covers about 60 % of the market gals. Vicky did this because of product quality alone, plus some help in making it seducitve too! Well thats the way it is. Lets hope vivky stays green too! I do not like chaining myself to one of the best shops around over trees.
RK, January 16, 2005

Shanghai Trade Show " Fashions "

Shanghai International Clothing & Textile Expo
Apparel & Fashion Textiles & Leather

More than 18,000 trade shows across 32 industries worldwide! Featured Trade Show Shanghai International Clothing & Textile Expo...

Fast Facts:

Show Organizer (s): Shanghai Textile Technology Service & Exhibition Center
Event Date (s): Mar 15, 2007 - Mar 17, 2007
Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center
Address: 2345 Long Yang Road,Shanghai ,China
No. of Exhibitors: 1500
No. of Attendees: 30000
Exhibition Floor Size: (sqm) 60000
Phone: 86 - 21 - 62775353-609
Fax: 21 - 62270002

SummaryLeading Fashion ,Guiding Trade For years Fashion Shanghai has been the focus in textile industry, and 2007 Fashion Shanghai would continue offering the best trade platform and opportunities for exhibitors & buyers.Meet the latest market information and fabrics/accessories,Load your business here!

General Information2006 Review-- 1400 excellent exhibitors from 12 countries and regions; Large trade volume and 60,000 M2 area for exhibition ; More than 40,000 professional visitors, among which 755 imports & exports companies and more than 700 garment and fabrics designers ; 2,500 overseas professional visitors from 56 countries and regions ; 3 technical seminars and 4 fashionable trend reports

Attendee Informationtrade visitors only(by business card)
Exhibitor Informationtextile fabrics,garment,hometextiles and accessories manufacturers,trading companies.

Everyone should always pay attention to Shanghai for it will be the largest city in the world as a result of indepth urban planning, along with an excellent creative architectual freedoms ever given or released. The target population is way beyond 20 million, and it going to be the Asian center.

RK, January 16, 2007

Tokyo Street Fashions

An Introduction:

Tokyo, – The look that dominated on the streets of Tokyo was jeans and a "T-short" or T-shirt. Layered looks continued from last season, spawning one great trend for the summer months – wearing a skirt over pants.

The most popular fabrication for this season was denim, not only in jeans, but also mini flair and tight skirts, overalls, etc. Personalized looks were key and achieved by bleaching, painting, and embellishing denim.

One significant trend that appeared this summer was the Western look. Cowboy hats and small bags with fringe were popular, as were Native American type adornments. This style was not meant for head to toe dressing, but as accents to everyday clothing.

Attention to details was widespread throughout the city this summer. Ruffles and fringes were prominent, particularly on skirt hems, camisole necklines, sleeve and neck openings. Even on sport-influenced apparel, drawstrings were used at cuff and neck openings.

Hoods continued from last winter and spring. Some hoods were lined with a metallic fabric for contrast, while hooded sleeveless tops in metallic knits were a best selling item. These tops were worn as casual daytime wear.

Colorwise, this summer saw few blacks and lots of color. The top colors were pink and pink with a purple cast, followed by orange. Red was another leading color. The newest color of the season was green.


Mainstream denim was still dark indigo and straight body. Rolled up legs remained popular. Metallic fringe on the bottom of knee length skirts made a sudden appearance on the streets as part of the Western look. Another newcomer in denim was a mini-bellbottom jean, worn by high teens and usually coordinated with an extremely high sole sandal.
Painting, spraying, bleaching and the addition of sewed on fabrics were some of the ways jeans achieved a personalized look.


Also new this summer were yarn dyed colored jeans, with the color in the warp and the natural color in the weft. Orange-red and grayish brown were new, but the most important color was sax blue. Word in the marketplace is that light color jeans are the growing trend for the future.


Khaki pants were popular this summer in lighter colors such as sand beige, as were those with a brown or gray cast to them. Overall preference among the younger generation was for more olive or gray tones. Khaki silhouettes were mostly half pant, but longer than last season, to almost cropped pant length (calf length).

There were a few variations on the cargo pant theme. The length was shorter and stretch fabrics gave them a tighter silhouette. Pocket details were changed to a so-called "out pocket," which was sewn on the top part of the pant, leaving it to swing freely while walking.
D-rings, drawstrings and plastic buckles were used for accents on khakis and cargo pants.


The resort look, utilizing tropical floral prints, was the number one look in town this summer. Dresses in orange, blue and yellow were seen everywhere. The tropical motifs were large in scale, with only a few motifs printed on the dress.

There were also Hawaiian printed shirts for women and men – the newest silhouette for women was fitted and short in length. Prints were in clear colors as well as faded ones. A feminine touch was given to camouflage prints by adding floral or butterfly patterns or by using metallic yarns in the fabric.

Mini checks in pink and white were the hit of the market. Simple madras plaids and mini checks were also popular, as were madras patchworks.

Ethnic influence was still a main trend, with paisley patterns making a considerable comeback. The size of the patterns varied from small to large allover prints to accents of a few paisleys.


Stretch knits made for more fitted silhouettes. This summer’s typical styles were hooded and/or sleeveless tops with interesting neckline details – high necks, keyhole backs, elastic, drawstrings, etc. Camisole tops continued from last year, but with a greater variety of novelty straps such as sequined and narrow elastic.
Also metallic knit tops were seen in late summer, used as a contrast to matte finished skirts and pants.

Cotton Incorporated, funded by U.S. growers of upland cotton and U.S. importers of cotton and cotton products, is the research and marketing company representing upland cotton, the number one selling fiber in the world.
Source for above Cotton dot Com
Since a Texas firm last year, and now someone in LA is now looking at this, it is time to give full voice to what Japanese youth are doing. And this is interesting, in as much as it was once American youth who set the style sense - though the West Bank of Paris youth during the late 50s had a sensation or two.
I had a friend Alysia Radder who Had her own vision - though it was related, and I wish stayed around. None the less, the Japanese, and more specifically the teens in Tokyo are now setting the styles.
For mote on this go to this web site .
RK, January 16, 2007

Monday, January 15, 2007

Wild Cat

Welcome To Stelladottir

If you are interested in clothing that is unique, stylish, truly dazzling and also transcends time, then Stella Dottir has it. Straight from Reykjavik Iceland, Stella has relocated from New Orleans back to Los Angeles. Her designs have previously been available only in Trendy Designer Specialty boutiques in Los Angeles, New York and in Europe. Her hand crafted tailor made Vintage and Gothic creations have appeared in numerous movies, music videos, theatre and television productions. Stella's style evokes the romance of times past, elegance, and grace. With her great versatility she can create for you the atmosphere you desire for your "Dream Wedding".
She will work with you on your choice of fabric, colors, and design. Stella will bring her own "Distinctive Artistry" to this special event. Her great talent is in creating unusual and original designs without losing "The Epitome of Style and Grace". Her fashions create a pervasive romantic atmosphere to the occasion. Another quality making Stella so popular with her clientele, is that her clothing flatters the wearer, men, women, bride, groom, bridesmaids alike. Her unique fashion sense for menswear and her stylish dresses is also inspired by the Roaring 20's while ingeniously intertwining a 30's and up flair.
Once a Stella Dottir Original is adorned by you, a feeling of Euphoria will envelope your senses making you sway and dance like you are on clouds and feel like a ballerina in flight. All of these creations are "Custom Made Designer Originals" and will be hand sewn, tailor made to your exact dimensions and will be delivered 1 to 3 weeks after the order has been placed. Stella's showroom is now located at 430 S. Main St. The telephone number is 213-623-8464. You can also send email.
I was looking for something elegant, and hope I found it. However, I must warn you this site had 2001 copy right to it. Which even though its on the Internet, the existance of what is represented on this site is up in the air.
None the less, if you want elegant and chic this is it. As well as keep him guessing too!
KA , January 15, 2007