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The Mini's " Updates "

United Colors of Benetton S/S 2007 Collections

Light. On second thoughts, ultra-light.This adjective best defines the UCB Women collection for the next Spring Summer season. It’s a question of fabrics and weights. Obviously. But also, and perhaps above all, of content and style, because lightness and freshness is the way of life the collection exudes. Severity with grace, fuss-free glamour, trendy without exaggeration, natural elegance.

Code Breaking. The rules have changed, but the elegance is the same. White and an urban tennis look achieved through loose frilly blouses and trousers in various lengths; featherweight cabled or ribbed mini pullovers; close-fitting men’s shirts and linear short jackets. The polka-dot dresses or sporty shirtwaisters under trench coats or canvas duffle coats come straight from the VIPs’ enclosure.

Heavenly Creature. A corner of heaven on earth where all is pale and ethereal: puff-skirt dresses swollen by a light breeze, loose silk- or cotton-muslin blouses, crinkly skirts like angel wings, impalpable lacework knits, petal patterns, lace, stripes and light sweatshirts. White and dawn shades.

Suburban Beat. Even the street look takes a softer turn. The compulsory blue and black denim join forces with narrow sailor stripes, flowery muslin tops and bon-ton twinsets. Carefully crumpled asphalt-black blazers and Bermuda shorts are made of madras-style linen. Tattoo embroidery and even tiny lace edging.

Mistaken Identity. Girl soldiers straight from the tailor’s. The army style goes off duty. Regulation safari and bomber jackets, blouses and blazers with high-fashion proportions. Cargo trousers and colonial shorts obey the same orders. Around these are light empire-line dresses, lingerie tops, crumpled-effect knits and jungle patterns.

Update from South America. The summer heats up to a South-American beat. Striped denim, flowers and samba colours, tango black and red, white frills, siesta lace. A South American journey around clothes hangers: petticoat skirts and jazz pants, puff sleeves, layered tops and twirling dresses. For muchachas the world over.

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Designed to match and enhance UCB apparel, the accessories collection also lives an independent life. Fun, funky, vibrant and rich in detail. And with an overall feeling of lightness and informality.

Bags play with materials, mixing and matching them with imagination. Leather is never left on its own, it intertwines with tape to create a chequered pattern, it mates up with floral-print fabric, with brightly-coloured nylon and tea-cloth striped canvas. PVC forms an external coating, mainly on sacks: it's coloured to "change" the inside colour or transparent to "gloss" sequences of polka dots, wallpaper-like flowers and the ever-present logo. Textile bags display embroidery, sailor stripes, upholstery-like flowers and stripes, and shiny sequin appliqués. Straw and raffia and seasonal classics look back to the Sixties and cover themselves in little bows, pompons, crochet cables and Brazilian-beach colours.

Wooden clogs are a must for the summer and they focus on eye-catching pressed-leather uppers and on soft tasselled nappa. A whole kaleidoscope of ballerinas and flip-flops gratify our love of simplicity, while ultra-feminine sandals tied at the ankle range from leather to flowery fabric. There are sneakers galore for sporty types: from bright B-06s to upholstery-fabric basketball shoes.

Belts too play at mix 'n' match: leather with studs, flowers, coloured stones, lace, embroidery and punching, with a definite preference for narrow styles, including some that go twice around the waist.

As always, brightly coloured or floral cloches, flat caps, peaked caps.

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A perfect expression of the Benetton spirit, the Kid collection for S-S 2007 is all about natural, spontaneous shabby chic. Yet everything was constructed, studied and made with the utmost care, precision and richness. The ranges – seven each for boys and girls – reflect a wide variety of influences, moods and genres from various latitudes. There is an overall light, modern feel symbolic of this worldwide brand.


Pearl Girl, sweet urban allure in a profusion of stripes, spots and shimmering mother-of-pearl in tone-on-tone embroidery. Army Flower, nothing warlike on show, just retro flowers and camouflage fabric, sugar pink and worn denim. Tattoo, permanent decorations in all shades and sparkles, but only on jeans and T-shirts. Tropical Cruise, multicolour fine-ribbed piqué means a cruise holiday sails into town with funky prints and embroidery with a candy flavour. Soft Rock, the only thing left of the rockerette is silver, the rest is lace, flowers and embroidery in a sea of pink. Mexico Beach, white, flounces and flowers of all colours. Urban Exotic, ethnic skirts, prints, colours in the hot shades of Indian spices.


Chic Vintage, a return to the past with new details: a pink for boys, and reversible jackets. London Mood, a Little Lord Fauntleroy passion for the casual look in script motifs and red-and-blue stripes, sneakers and baseball cap. Street, colours and army camouflage for urban life and school adventures. Sport Concept, an acrobatic sports mixture: script motifs, numbers, colours and apparel as long as they have a sporty look. Minimalist Blue, linen, chic white, faded prints and yachting polo shirts for beguiling little boys. Fashion Flower Surf, checks, T-shirts, cotton tunics, hibiscus flowers – all he can think of is surfing the waves of the world. Fashion Boy Scout, short trousers and it’s already a holiday; dressed almost offhandedly, but very, very trendy.


So small yet so fashionable: the newborn style’s new slogan.
Sweet Heart little girls, not with hearts but flowers, even on their feet; Glam Colors, dainty details and snazziness in a mini format; Sunny Day, floral fragrance and colours, best of all against white backgrounds.

Kiddie Bunch little boys, for those who believe in starting sports early; City Walker, mini-rapper styles including an edgy denim jacket; Surf Cup, ocean colours and sand, dreaming of surfboards as we play with a bucket and spade.

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