Thursday, January 18, 2007

Silk Styles, and a Introduction to She Knows

She Knows Press Release:

Whether you’re looking for jet set soybean cashmere sweats to wear on the plane or the best tote of the summer (hey, if it’s good enough for Julia Roberts and Katie Couric, it’s good enough for you), there’s something for everybody in Mary Jo Matsumoto’s round up of the latest and greatest travel essentials at

Style expert Mary Jo Matsumoto, known lately for finding the latest breaking high tech trends in fashion and life, sheds light on the newest products that will make your summer sojourns sweet and easy. If you’re looking for a crash-proof pink laptop bag, a tiny perfume scientifically proven to take six years off your age, a milk spun sleep mask that will keep your eyes from getting bloodshot on long plane rides, an mp3 player the size of a pack of gum, or a battery re-charger that will work anywhere in the world — then you need to check out this handy list of travel essentials.

For those of you less enamored with life in the fast lane, there are also loads of charming irresistible products that you may find you can’t live without. For example, Matsumoto profiles the latest old-fashioned paisley roll-on suitcase with matching travel organizers, an all-natural skin care travel kit that fits neatly into your carry-on bag, an aromatherapy spray to get rid of “hotel smell” and lovely silk pillowcases to make your room feel like home away from home.
Even if you’re not going anywhere, you can still get the feeling of exotic romance by wearing Scent of A Woman, a new fragrance Mary Jo recommends which is based on the historical meeting of Anthony and Cleopatra.

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Both the magazine reference, and She Knows web sites could be, depending on your taste, extremely important to you in your list of items to consider. It is in " how " you are represented in public which really denotes your willingness to embrace life.

Moreover, there is nothing more moody and relaxing to the touch of a womyn's skin than silk. And all the way when its a good fit and style. Can you feel yourself buzzing now ? Satin is another gem of wearing fabric.
RK, January 18, 2007

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