Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Russians are here:

The Russians are now undergoing a period of transition couples with a steady nationalism for every Russian, and taking this into areas in which Lenin, and Stalin would shutter in amazement. Thus it is to no surprise this has also moved into the fashions industry which the Russian really want to succeed, and the reason can be found in my MSN group Fashions Critic.

What you should always observe is that form of Nationalism within the periodic usage of traditional ornate is seen above........

Russian women, especially in and around Moscow are traditionally big boned, wide hipped, and big breasted. Thus colorations and seam lines are extremely important to high-light the Russian perception of what is beautiful, as well as daring. And armed with advance survival skills these Russian models are very daring indeed.

All this is recent, and we have not heard the last of it either. So do not be surprise to see your daughter and girl friend not only swallowing up the aggressive sexness of these emerging styles, but some of the cultural rub off in behavior which in time will also be applied to American relationships - roudyness and all.


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I think it is Kremlin's strategy as well as national Russian feature.