Monday, January 15, 2007

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Welcome To Stelladottir

If you are interested in clothing that is unique, stylish, truly dazzling and also transcends time, then Stella Dottir has it. Straight from Reykjavik Iceland, Stella has relocated from New Orleans back to Los Angeles. Her designs have previously been available only in Trendy Designer Specialty boutiques in Los Angeles, New York and in Europe. Her hand crafted tailor made Vintage and Gothic creations have appeared in numerous movies, music videos, theatre and television productions. Stella's style evokes the romance of times past, elegance, and grace. With her great versatility she can create for you the atmosphere you desire for your "Dream Wedding".
She will work with you on your choice of fabric, colors, and design. Stella will bring her own "Distinctive Artistry" to this special event. Her great talent is in creating unusual and original designs without losing "The Epitome of Style and Grace". Her fashions create a pervasive romantic atmosphere to the occasion. Another quality making Stella so popular with her clientele, is that her clothing flatters the wearer, men, women, bride, groom, bridesmaids alike. Her unique fashion sense for menswear and her stylish dresses is also inspired by the Roaring 20's while ingeniously intertwining a 30's and up flair.
Once a Stella Dottir Original is adorned by you, a feeling of Euphoria will envelope your senses making you sway and dance like you are on clouds and feel like a ballerina in flight. All of these creations are "Custom Made Designer Originals" and will be hand sewn, tailor made to your exact dimensions and will be delivered 1 to 3 weeks after the order has been placed. Stella's showroom is now located at 430 S. Main St. The telephone number is 213-623-8464. You can also send email.
I was looking for something elegant, and hope I found it. However, I must warn you this site had 2001 copy right to it. Which even though its on the Internet, the existance of what is represented on this site is up in the air.
None the less, if you want elegant and chic this is it. As well as keep him guessing too!
KA , January 15, 2007


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