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Press Releases December 2006

Press Releases December 2006.

To assure some back drop to the upcoming review of incoming press releases some releases issues during December 2006 will be reivewed.

Chicago, IL, December 26, 2006 – Every woman has felt the desire to come up with her own personal style – spending countless hours browsing store racks and coming up empty in her search for just the right look. Successful outings are in short supply – as is the average selection for women who are not pencil thin models. Now, [meen kyolë] Custom Dress Design offers cuts and designs to match any woman’s imagination and needs: going back to basics by providing one-on-one custom design consultation and tailoring services to satisfy the most demanding sense of style.

Founder Anja Riis created the company with the belief that all women should be able to look their best, and that looking good is a matter of personal tastes and comforts. Most women are not shaped like idealized, mass-produced off the rack collections – and those who are don’t always find the styles and colors to match their tastes.“The fashion capitals of the world can inspire us,” said Riis, “but looking good has hardly anything to do with the whims of London, Paris, Tokyo, or Milan and everything to do with our own individualism and personalities.

Creating your own, well fitting style should be affordable for everyone and not just the very rich. It used to be that way, so why should today’s woman settle for less?”[meen kyolë] is a modification of the Danish words “min kjole”, which mean “my dress”. Located on the north side of Chicago, [meen kyolë] clients find dressing up or down starts with a great experience. The service gives women the opportunity to design their own dresses and skirts to express their personality. Whether a woman wants to feel beautiful, sexy, intelligent, elegant, or simply comfortable, [meen kyolë] helps her express herself as soon as she enters a room.

Clients come to [meen kyolë] appointments having seen dresses in magazines or awards shows they wanted, or with a clean slate to work out an idea for a wedding or a special event. The free consultation starts by establishing an understanding of the style, personality, and feel a client is looking to project. The client and [meen kyolë] work one-on-one to choose the right cut, color, and material. A consultation usually ends with measurements for just the right fit and an outline of the design sketch. After the client has approved the [meen kyolë] design sketch, future appointments are scheduled to be certain that the new garment looks and feels perfect.

For more information, call 773-338-6130 or email More about the company’s name and philosophy, can be found at, as well as the company’s blog and a gallery highlighting the detail that makes each custom dress special.About [meen kyolë]:We all want to look our best and it is our firm belief that looking good is less about the latest fashion from London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Milan... and more about personalities - us, our figures, our fancies, our fashions.With custom made clothes we can all look our very best - with [meen kyolë] every item is hand made with care and attention to detail but more importantly, it is made to fit you and to bring out the best in you.[meen kyolë]

Custom Dress Design7631 N. Eastlake Terrace, Chicago IL


Everyday more and more women are looking for confort and the easy associated with causal dressing. Even more important they want what the wear to fit. And to fir good.

For those who have the money to have something to fit is alot perferable than to go to store lounge and see slick models show off the latest treads.

The founder of this causal line must have had some seep resentlment of what was being offered. So like some of us who can real use a needle and tread she went to work, and found others who likewise felt the same fustration.

In a market like Chicago she was lucky as to this city's market size and recent prosperity. As for the look. It something professional stay - at - homers housewives will really like, or professional women who once geting back to home or apartments want to slip on something which is not a pants suite but more up crust in social appearance-especially if guest keeps socially poping in. Not bad for a hot garden part either-hear Southern Bells.

Also, this is the type of fashions which yoiu night want during breakfast or lunge at an elegant hotel restaurant during you vaction time. Psst wear a summer very wide brim hat with this too.


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