Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Some additional LA styles from 2006

Go: Park Vogel sample sale, October 6 in L.A.

Once upon a time I had a Park Vogel long-sleeved tee that was maybe the most perfect t-shirt I've owned in all my life, supersoft and with real good cling - like, better even than American Apparel or the most nicely faded thriftstore tee you could ever find. But because I'm sort of a five-year-old and prone to so much messiness, what was once white has now become stained and spotted with various colors from various kinds of spills. Heartbreaking, because I especially adore Park Vogel for its eco-conscious production practices:
To help curb air pollution, designers Julie Park and Vanessa Vogel get their Swiss cotton from an energy-efficient Australian mill that recycles its chemicals (so that they're not put back into the environment).
The happy ending to my story is that this Friday, Park Vogel (along with Woo) will be joining the Lily McNeal sample sale happening in L.A.. That means up to 80 percent off beautiful t-shirts, which may or may not include my favorite Park Vogel styles:
Hey college gals...this is it for that lazy evening to impress the academic, and make the nerds swet. Nonetheless, especially if you are applying for grad school at the same campus, then you should get in to this immediately - survival gals.
The model far away distant and dumb looks is appealing. But just for a while. None the less, it does convey the image of the style.
RK, January 17. 2007

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