Sunday, January 14, 2007

From Tokyo Bay:

San Francisco, CA (OPENPRESS) January 5, 2007 -- The age old dilemma of finding the perfect gift for the one you love is quickly approaching with the arrival of Valentine’s Day. If you are tired of buying the same old chocolates and flowers, then now’s your chance to freshen up a stale holiday with a gift that is both unexpected and stylish.

Show you are in-the-know by giving a mod inspired watch or ultra-functional tote by TOKYObay. TOKYObay’s selection of watches ultimately exude a nostalgic yet sleek look. If you are feeling young at heart, TOKYObay offers heart shaped charm clocks, as well as their brand new collection of tattoo inspired art bags, Classic Ink, which are quickly proving that controversial can be acceptable. Or, let your playful side show by giving one of TOKYObay’s sweet cami and underwear sets. In conjunction with TOKYObay’s selective assortment of Valentine’s goodies, they will also be giving away an ever-popular charm bracelet, featuring their signature RedTango cat silhouette, with any purchase of $25 or more.

Just named to Oprah’s ‘O’ list of must haves TOKYObay is an industry favorite for classically forward watches and hip, yet functional, bags. The San Francisco based fashion company has been an insider’s secret for years. Yet, they are just now emerging to the public with launch of their retail site.The modern meets retro aesthetic is exemplified by the design duo, who hails from Japan and England, respectfully.

The cultural influences of the designers are evident: sleek architectural fundamentals juxtaposed with eclectically nostalgic details. Each of their pieces represents the duality of their origins; in that, all of their designs embody a classical aesthetic with a distinctly modern appeal. Don’t let another Valentine’s Day fall flat. Surprise your loved one with something sharp and sophisticated from TOKYObay.

Available at .About TOKYObay:
Founded in 1991, design duo Dory Isaacs and Jun Kobayashi have been catering to the independent and style conscious consumer for 16 years. Just this year the launch of the retail website has made TOKYObay more available than ever.

Contact:Courtney LeedsPR/ Marketing DepartmentCourtney@tokyobayinc.comP 415.808.4880 ext

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The Review:
Accessories, accessories are all about accenting what you are wearing-especially during the evening when you arms in arms with your partner ( which to some is another accessory ).
Hear we are confronted with mass appeal, and thats all. Everything must match, except for the kids on the Tokyo street with their street fashions offsets.
The items here are largely for those who are entry level gals in both the corpoarate world - where you must give some outward appearence to conformity, or the social sphere where you likewise give visual evidence that you are not going to create waves as new networking member.
Glamore ----there are some, bit it will never sell in Paris.
This means they really appeal to Oprah's mass appeal business sense, and here is there true quality. Oprah is no fool when it comes to trends and human commonalities either-especially in these commercial items vest with its networking messages.
I wish to welcome Cornell University and Ithaca College gals to my blog. So with a Shirley Temple cocktail in my hand I toast you gals there a welcome. Psst.. there is there is nothing wrong in being a little bitchy. Remember that.

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