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Rayne Oakes, profiled in Vanity Fair

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Lucire’s US editor, Summer Rayne Oakes, profiled in Vanity Fair

Wellington, April 26 (JY&A Media) Summer Rayne Oakes, the US editor of Lucire, has a two-page profile in Vanity Fair’s ‘Green Issue’ (May 2007). Ms Oakes, who has been nicknamed the ‘eco-model’, was profiled alongside other environmentally conscious names. The special section includes Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, Leonardo di Caprio and Robert Redford. ‘It’s a testament to how far ahead Lucire has been over the last 10 years,’ says publisher Jack Yan. ‘From showing our breakdown of costs to our commitment to carbon neutrality three years ago—at a time when the term had not even entered the vernacular—Lucire has been a pioneer. Summer Rayne Oakes continues that philosophy as our US editor.’ Ms Oakes says of her Vanity Fair spread, ‘The fashion and media industries are and have been a great tool for me to communicate larger sustainability topics. We all wake up in the morning and get dressed. That is a universal commonality that we all share, so why not use it as a tool to connect us to greater issues, like environmental health, conservation, climate change and social justice?’ Ms Oakes was acting editor of Lucire for two issues at the close of 2006 and had been a contributor to the magazine since 2005. Her ‘Behind the Label’ specials are a regular insight into green fashion. Condé Nast’s Vanity Fair hit US newsstands on April 7. It arrives on New Zealand shelves around now.

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About Lucire Lucire, the global fashion magazine (, started on the web in 1997. In October 2004, it became the first magazine in its sector to extend its brand into a print magazine. By May 2005, it became the first web magazine to spawn two national print editions. Lucire became the first fashion industry partner of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP, It is headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand and published by Lucire LLC. For print edition information, see .

About Summer Rayne Oakes Born on a rainy summer day in an old coal mining community of northeastern Pennsylvania, Oakes was naturally curious about her surroundings from the start. Her early interest in art and nature propelled her at six years of age to begin advanced art courses normally reserved for students much older than she. By 10 years of age, her fascination with American Indian and world cultures began to shape her interests; photos and stories from sources like Edward S. Curtis, National Geographic, natural history field guides, and her own backyard began largely influencing her artwork, writings and lifestyle. At age 13, Oakes began serving on the Environmental Advisory Council in her township and focused much of her attention on extracurricular activities, including sports, peer education, teen suicide prevention, community service, and environmental and scholastic teams. After having visited the picturesque Cornell University campus in Ithaca, NY that same year, Oakes set her sites on attending. Due to financial concerns while being raised by a single mother, Summer Rayne began living on her own at 15 with her focus on college never wavering. Her early decision acceptance into Cornell came shortly after and the young Oakes began working on a number of research issues ranging from stream ecology to human health issues from sewage sludge application. At that time, she realized she may not be maximizing her potential for creating a shift in mindset. From her core love for environment and social issues, Summer Rayne had a desire in infiltrating the issues into mainstream audiences. By combining her past love for artful expression, her innate curiosity, hard work, and natural beauty, Oakes began modeling during her time at college to get closer to change agents within the fashion and media sectors.

Summer Rayne worked across long distances and began working for clients such as Nicole Miller, Occhiali da Sole, StockinGirl, Zimmerli, Carasan, D'Angelo, the Beauty & Fashion Channel, and others while maintaining a rigorous school schedule, research, and the unfinished development of a collaborative environmental and avant-garde project (Organic Portraits), which won the support of a National Wildlife Federation Fellowship. Summer Rayne Oakes was also awarded the prestigious Udall Scholarship, PCC Women's Research Award, and Baccalaureate Service Award during her time in college. From there, Oakes has transcended boundaries by seamlessly and simultaneously combining her work and core values with her image. By September 2005, she was able to tie in her vision more by founding her own think-tank and consultancy company, SRO; launch the pilot stages of a curriculum entitled Ecofashion 101; author her own editorial entitled ‘Behind the Label’ for global fashion magazine, Lucire; speak at and spokesmodel at various venues from college campuses to international cultural causes; publish articles on sustainability, ecofashion, and social topics; and continue moving forward on related ventures and business pursuits, including her budding career as a host and director of environmentally-focused programmes. Though the world is just unfolding and the path is being carved every day, Summer Rayne will continue to move forward with the same ethic she had when she was a young girl.

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